Technical Skills

Hands-on experience with multiple technologies, platforms and domains helps to understand any complicated probelms in a better way and it gives the flexibility of designing a solution without the barrier of technology in a short span of time.



.NET 90%
Java 85%
Mainframe 90%
HTML 90%
CSS 85%
Javascript 80%

Skill Details

Programming Languages

COBOL   JCL   REXX   CICS   JSP   Servlet   Visual Basic 6.0   C#   Python  Flutter - Dart

Web/Internet Technologies

HTML 5   CSS 3   DOJO Tool Kit   jQuery   Bootstrap   XML   AJAX

Scripting Languages

JavaScript   VB Script   UNIX Shell Scripting


.NET Framework   MVC Architecture   Entity Famework


Visual Studio 2012   Eclipse   Attachmate Extra   CA-7 Scheduler   Change Man   Intertest   ABEND-AID   Fault Analyzer   File Manager  SAR   Putty  WinSCP

Operating System

Microsoft Windows   Linux   IBM Z/OS


SQL Server   IBM DB2   VSAM   Access DB

Application/Web Server

IIS Server   Tomcat Server   Apache2 Web Server

Soft Skills




   Team Player



Leadership 100%
Communication 100%
Mentoring 100%
Creativity 100%
Innovation 100%
Team Player 100%