Awards and Recognitions

One of the main driving force for any professional is the motivation through recognitions and awards for the contribution to the organisation

Passionate Entrepreneurship

UST 2018

For the valuable contributions to the organisation

On the Spot Award

Dell 2012

For outstanding performance & lasting contributions

Experian Excel Award

Experian 2015

For the outstanding and long support to one of the client application

Experian Excel Badges

Experian 2010-2021

Recieved many excel badges from client for the contribution towards project, support for the business & innovations

UST Super Star

UST 2020

Recieved for the innovative and ground breaking application developed for client as a value-add

UST Shining Star

UST 2020

Receieved for the outstanding support for the project and for the 10/10 feedback from client

UST Rising Star

UST 2021

Receieved for maintaining enthusiasm, adaptability and delivering quality througout

UST Shining Star

UST 2021

Receieved for the special appreciation from key client stakeholders for the security remediation work done for the project

Honorable Mention

Experian All-Hands Meeting 2019

Managing Director of Experian had mentioned about one of the software developed by me as an example of best innovative software, in the all-hands meet

Honorable Mention

Dell Steering Committee Meeting 2015

One of the web portal developed by me had been presented and appreciated in the Dell annual steering committee meeting in 2015